About Us

Founded in 1997, California Retirement Advisors (CRA) is an independent wealth management firm dedicated to serving the comprehensive financial planning needs of successful professionals, business owners and retirees. For more than 25 years, our partners have each been helping clients make prudent, informed decisions with their hard-earned savings by providing proactive, coordinated planning in the areas of investments, taxes, insurance, income and estate planning.

Utilizing an integration of leading industry technology, we provide a combination of advanced diagnostics, strategies and organizational tools to centralize your financial needs into one convenient and secure location. We take a personal interest in providing the financial planning and support needed to help preserve your wealth for you and your family.

CRA is a Registered Investment Advisory firm with a fiduciary responsibility of acting in the best interest of our clients, and our Personal Wealth Managers are licensed financial consultants offering securities through Mutual Securities, a member FINRA & SIPC Firm.

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