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Implement Your Plan to Protect Your Lifestyle


Five Steps to Managing Retirement Wealth

A good plan without implementation is merely a good idea. In the financial industry, implementation of a retirement plan is too often mistaken as only implementing an investment strategy. However, today elements of financial planning are deeply interrelated. Therefore, at California Retirement Advisors (CRA) we take a 5-step approach to customize your personal retirement plan, then implement and manage your total wealth management solution. Doing so in an organized manner can help you better achieve your personal and financial goals as you sail confidently through retirement. Here’s how we can help you do it:

  • Inventory: The first step to creating a retirement plan is to know what you own. From old 401(k)s to life insurance policies, we will work to create a clear and organized picture of your complete financial situation using MyRetirementOrganizer. This will help ensure all your resources are maximized and working together effectively towards your retirement goals. Our organization process not only enables us to be more effective managers, but also simplifies your estate for loved ones.
  • Income: You may recall the phrase “cash is king,” but for retirement, income is king. And “net” income at that. How much after-tax income you will need throughout retirement is a driving factor in designing your personal retirement plan. After taking an inventory of your assets, we will review your sources of income, (including pensions, Social Security, rental properties, etc.) and expenses to identify if, when and how much you will need to draw from your savings to sustain your lifestyle.
  • Investments: When your income needs are established, only then can we confidently design your investment portfolios based on your short and long-term goals. Our typical client aims to have enough growth to sustain their standard of living after inflation, without taking on the amount of risk that could suffer significant market losses and alter their lifestyle. At CRA, we have access to a wide assortment of money managers, philosophies and tools to provide an advanced and sophisticated level of diversification. We utilize our independent perspective and expertise to help find the best options for your planning needs. To learn more about our approach to investing, review our CRA Investment Philosophy.
  • Insurance: Once your assets have been allocated, we can identify any potential gaps or threats that may infringe upon your plan. From life, health, long-term care, property & casualty and umbrella policies, we can help identify and shop your coverage needs.
  • Inheritance: Will the IRS become an unintended beneficiary of your estate? Not on our watch! From regular designated beneficiary reviews to communicating with attorneys on essential estate planning documents, we help you stay protected. To better do so, we are constantly studying tax-law updates and strategies to proactively plan for the transition of your assets with the least amount of taxes, fees and stress for your loved ones as possible. If you don’t yet have a Living Trust, consider starting here first.

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