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financial future

Seminars On Call furthers our commitment to providing our clients with the education they want on the topics that interest them and support their financial education. Each Seminar On Call™ is accessible at any time, on any device, from anywhere.

Each interactive cideo provided our clients with the knowledge and awareness necessary to make informed decisions regarding their financial future. Additionally, every seminar includes a complimentary eBook debunking common myths related to the topic.


Select the Seminar On Call™ interactive video below, and in less than 5 minutes, you'll learn critically important information about each topic. Embark on your journey toward financial literacy and empowerment with Seminars On Call™.

how to create a retirement income planhow to create a retirement income plan
how to maximize social securityhow to maximize social security
how to own your financial future
tax free retirementtax free retirement
estate planning wills and trusts videoestate planning wills and trusts video
guaranteed income for life videoguaranteed income for life video
long term care insurance videolong term care insurance video
medicare information videomedicare information video
college planning help videocollege planning help video
federal employees benefits videofederal employees benefits video
life insurance videolife insurance video
life after divorce videolife after divorce video
employee benefits videoemployee benefits video
investing for millennials videoinvesting for millennials video
widow wealth videowidow wealth video
financial planning charitable giving videofinancial planning charitable giving video