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retiring in california

Retiring in California

Select your timeline to learn how we can help:

Retiring Soon

You are successful because you focus on what you do for a living. But are you so busy working that you haven’t taken time to plan for the day when you’ll no longer be working? If you are retiring in California within the next 12 months, it will be here before you know it. In fact, if you get paid twice per month, you only have up to 24 paychecks to help fund 20-40 years of income.

Not sure if you are ready? We can help you assess if it is feasible to retire and then create a plan for you to feel secure that you can do so comfortably. Start today to begin preparing for the best years of your life. If you are too busy and don’t have the time, knowledge or interest to confidently plan for your own retirement, we can help you do it!

One of the biggest mistakes we see people make as they approach retirement is to look at various aspects of their financial life independently of each other rather than looking at their overall financial big-picture collectively.

Coordinating investment, insurance, tax and estate planning needs while also providing the income needed to keep your retirement lifestyle and standard of living afloat creates unique challenges that require specialized planning from a retirement specialist, not just an investment advisor.

We know this can all be difficult to do while you are still working. If you would like assistance, we are here to help you get so you can live the life you CRAve.

Already Retired

Congratulations! You made it to retirement. But do you feel confident that everything is in order for yourself and your family without the fear of running out of money? Are you able to enjoy your retirement without worrying about mistakes and threats to your standard of living like inevitably higher taxes due to our massive government debt? Or the next swan event stock market decline, like the COVID-19 pandemic?

Does this responsibility feel like a heavy burden on you, keeping you up at night or away from doing the things you would rather do with your time during the day? Who will help your surviving spouse take care of his or her complete financial strategy if you are no longer able?

We can help! We have the experience, knowledge, tools and resources to help you determine whether everything is already in good order, or to provide constructive guidance as we proactively address your concerns along the way.

Successful people have learned to delegate unwanted burdens especially when they don’t have time, knowledge and desire to do things on their own. Managing retirement wealth is no different. We can help you plan, manage and monitor your financial life, for the rest of your retirement, so you can begin enjoying what should be the best years of your life. Remember, your wealth is your time. 

Get started today to live the life you CRAve.

retiring in california

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Retiring Later

From baby boomers to millennials, if your retirement is still several years away, you have one critical planning opportunity on your side to help reach your long-term goals: time! Make the most of it. From IRA contributions and investment strategies to balancing cash flow and managing your 401(k), or converting to a Roth IRA, our CRA team is here for you. We can help provide the wealth management services needed to clearly identify and work towards your financial goals if you're retiring in California or elsewhere. Contact us to get started today and help ensure you can live the life you CRAve.

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