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Guidance-Driven Financial Planning

We are here to help with all the critical pieces of your financial life.

Our CRAve Life Advisory Process is to proactively designed to ask and answer all of the financial questions you should have leading up to and throughout retirement. While our comprehensive Financial Life Management service includes all of the services listed below, we may also be of assistance on an “as-needed” consultation basis by providing knowledgeable guidance in other core focus areas including, but not limited to, the following:

IRA & 401(k) Rollovers & Planning

As trained retirement specialists, we maintain a current, advanced understanding of the latest tax laws and their impact on the taxation of your retirement accounts. From early, required, in-service and charitable distribution planning to Roth conversions and legacy planning to avoid complicated tax traps for your heirs, we are here to help navigate this complex and constantly evolving landscape with care and precision.

Risk Management

We can help you understand, plan for and implement appropriate insurance strategies, including:

  • Potential tax consequences of annuities and life insurance
  • Liquidity when your heirs need it most
  • Evaluating your existing assets
  • Insured retirement options
  • Providing income later in life with qualified longevity annuity contracts (QLAC)
  • Protecting your income during your working years with disability insurance
  • Healthcare in retirement, Medicare planning, understanding long-term care insurance, caring for children and parents at the same time, planning for your parents' long-term care
  • And more.
Risk Management El Segundo, CA California Retirement Advisors

Income Planning

As retirement specialists, designing income plans is one of the most fundamental services we provide. This includes both optimizing income sources, such as Social Security and pensions, as well as creating a strategic withdrawal strategy from your savings to: 

  • Provide for your now, soon and later income needs
  • Mitigate taxes and risks (interest rate, sequence of returns, market and   longevity risks)
  • Provide flexibility to adapt to your changing needs over time
  • Maximize your net income
  • Appropriately plan for your surviving spouse or heirs
Income Planning El Segundo, CA California Retirement Advisors

Estate Planning

Knowing your hard-earned assets will transfer to who you want, when you want and how you want is a critical and often overlooked aspect in financial planning. From maintaining current designated beneficiary forms and titling on your accounts, to organizing essential financial and legal documents, to working with estate planning attorneys as needed to implement legal and trust work to ensure your wishes are seamlessly carried out—we aim to address all these considerations as part of our comprehensive approach.

Estate Planning El Segundo, CA California Retirement Advisors

Tax Reduction

It’s not about what you make, it’s what you keep. Often taxes are treated as an after-thought. Tax Day comes once a year and is when you file your tax returns. This is the archiving of historical events. What we do, is proactively plan to minimize taxable events before they occur and position your money to be as tax-advantaged as possible based on your unique situation.

Additional tax reduction analysis and tax preparation services are available through CA Tax Planners ↗.

Tax Reduction El Segundo, CA California Retirement Advisors