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CRAve Life Advisory ProcessSM

Plan and invest wisely—live a better life.

At California Retirement Advisors (CRA), we know you have worked hard to get to where you are today, and you deserve to live the life you CRAve—your one best life. Which is why we have created the CRA Value-Enhanced (CRAve) Life Advisory Process.  A Holistic Financial Planning Process.

You benefit from the value of our holistic advisory approach. Through our integrated and ongoing support, our goal is to help you feel truly confident and liberated to enjoy your financial freedom. 

The following diagram illustrates the two phases (six steps) of our holistic CRAve Life Advisory process to help you get from where you are today, to where you want to be tomorrow financially. Your advisor can help you get started based upon what you want and need, as discussed during our initial introduction call.

Read below, or click here to learn more and get started.

Plan and Invest Wisely El Segundo, CA California Retirement Advisors

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What's Important To You?

Objective: Discuss what matters most to you toward living your very best financial life...the life you CRAVE!

Analyze Where You Stand

Objective: Discover your current financial health - risks, threats, opportunities, to your assets, income and lifestyle..

Build Your Bucket Plan

Objective: Design your custom income and investment bucket plan with preservation, income and growth solutions.

Advisory Process Logo El Segundo, CA California Retirement Advisors

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Monitor Your Progress

Objective: Do all the things you would rather do with your time, while your dedicated CRAdvisor Team helps provide strategies, service, and support to live your ideal life...the life you CRAVE! .

We Manage Your Plan

Objective: Develop and implement remaining strategies to complete your holistic financial plan - IRA & 401(k), Roth IRA,  income, tax, insurance, legacy & estate planning and more.

Fund Your Bucket Plan

Objective: Deliver investment recommendations to help you better grow and protect your assets and income, and save money on taxes. within your custom designed investment bucket plan.