Important Financial Updates in a Classroom Group Setting (Year-Round)

Do you want to gain a better financial understanding to help provide financial confidence during the most important years of your life? Now you can without the pressure and intimidation of a sales presentation over a seemingly free lunch or dinner. Instead, attend an instructor-led group session in a classroom setting on the topic or topics that are of most interest to you. We’ll charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of the material and instructor(s). You’ll walk away with real knowledge you can begin using immediately toward a successful retirement.

No free lunch, no lottery ticket winner, no rubber chicken dinner; Just good old fashioned education in a classroom environment. See the classes and subject matter below. Reply to register for a class, add your name to the waiting list, arrange a class for your group, or ask questions.

Description of Upcoming Educational Events

Retirement Planning 101

Learn the financial basics toward a secure and successful retirement

  • Suitable if you are retiring within 12 months or if you are already  retired

This is a foundation course addressing the most important fundamentals of retirement planning in a comprehensive manner. The material is covered over two separate sessions (on separate days) on the following subject matters.

  • Life & Retirement Planning
  • Financial Concerns & Roadblocks
  • Health Care (Including Medicare and Long Term Care)
  • Retirement Income
  • Estate Planning
  • Investments

IRA RMD Planning 101

 **Instructor as seen on public television’s Retirement Rescue Show with Ed Slott, CPA**

  • Suitable if you are between age 60 and 75, you’re retiring soon or you are already retired, and you own any IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k), 403(b), 457, Thrift Savings Plan, Retirement Annuity or any other type of retirement account with whatever amount you consider to be an important or sizeable portion of your retirement wealth.

Learn the basics of how and when to take required minimum distributions (RMDs) and what to consider before turning age 70 ½. (The younger you are when you learn this, the more time you will have to plan ahead!) Gain knowledge to protect your retirement assets from common and costly overlooked mistakes that can infringe upon your retirement and estate planning objectives upon taking income from your retirement accounts.

Unlike the comprehensive Retirement Investment 101 Class, this class focuses specifically on “distribution planning” or how to take your money out, a topic very seldom taught because there is nothing for you to buy and nobody else benefits when you withdraw money from your retirement investments. However, what you don’t know in this core area of retirement planning, can hurt you. You will gain an understanding of the little-known, but critical IRA tax rules often skimmed over by financial practitioners. This often occurs due to a lack of knowledge or a lack of vested interest in sharing this subject matter.

Topics covered are directly from the teachings of author and CPA Ed Slott, as seen on Public Television’s Retirement Rescue program. The session is led by an instructor who is an Ed Slott’s Master Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM member. You will walk away knowing not just what you can do, but also how you can do it. Many of these strategies can be implemented at no cost, which is likely part of the reason you rarely hear about them. Strategies can benefit you and your family during retirement and as part of your legacy & estate planning.

Estate Planning 101 & Beyond the Trust

Learn the basics to help preserve your estate, both during your lifetime and after you pass away.

  • Suitable for people who have either don’t have a current estate plan in place or who have already created an estate plan, but would like an update on current estate planning topics, ideas and strategies.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully amassed an amount of wealth that is sizeable to you. Now what? If perhaps at this point in your financial life you want to protect your estate for yourself, your spouse, your family and/or other loved ones, this is an important class for you. All too often, estate planning is the part of the financial planning process that gets procrastinated until it is simply too late. What about you? Can you think of anyone you know who died unexpectedly without a valid estate plan? Don’t let it happen to you. Learn from their mistakes and others like Michael Jackson, James Gandolfini and Paul Walker, just to name a few. If it happened to them, it can happen to you! Embrace the knowledge you need to tackle the fear of planning the inevitable.

This class is unique in that it is taught by both an estate planning attorney as well as a retirement planning specialist to share the importance of combining estate planning knowledge with the rules pertaining to retirement assets and non-retirement assets. Estate planning is often taught as if all assets are created equal. But in fact, the rules pertaining to retirement assets (such as IRAs) and non-retirement assets can be completely different depending on your situation. Consequently, integrated solutions are critically important.

What also makes this class unique is that it teaches not only important considerations you need to know but also those your family or loved ones who may act as Trustees of your estate (either before or after you pass away) also need to know. Similarly, this class may also benefit you if you have recently inherited assets from your parents, spouse, other family or other loved ones so you know what to do…and what NOT to do. Special care has been taken to create and teach this course in very simple and easy to understand language for a maximum learning experience on an otherwise complex topic.

CRA Continuing Education for Clients

While we enjoy meeting with clients individually, there are times that a group setting is more appropriate to communicate timely information. Therefore, as a client, you’ll receive invitations to private educational events on a complimentary and ongoing basis. We often enjoy inviting special guest speakers who we feel may provide extraordinary insight into specific subject matters. Topics may include:

  • State of the markets update
  • Economic updates
  • Tax savvy rules
  • Social Security planning
  • IRA distribution planning
  • 401(k) management
  • Annual Half Time Report
  • Investment strategies
  • Income planning
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Estate planning
  • Identity theft or
  • Health, travel and retirement lifestyle related topics