Retirement Planning

Chart Your Retirement Journey with Confidence

At California Retirement Advisors, we believe that proper planning can help make retirement the best years of your life. But many people spend so much time working that they don’t make the time to evaluate how to manage their finances for when they are no longer working. Many people even spend more time planning their vacations than their own retirement! Proper planning can help you get not only to, but also through retirement successfully. Think of your retirement as your ultimate vacation and start planning for a confident retirement today!

The following are five core concepts to help determine if your retirement plan is on course to sail, sink or swim, as you begin to chart your retirement journey.

  1. Pause – Consider your concerns, values, goals, family, health, career, and recreation items that are unique to you.
  2. Grow – Do you have a strategy to help grow your assets and income in a manner necessary to meet your wants and needs?
  3. Keep – Do you have everything in place to help maximize the preservation of your assets? This includes, but is not limited to, the risk from unnecessary stock market losses, excessive taxes, penalties, expenses, unexpected liabilities, costly mistakes and missed opportunities.
  4. Take – Do you have a strategy to take your money “out” of your investments and retirement plans? This includes considering which account to tap first, what percentage, in what order, when, and how.
  5. Leave – Do you have a strategy to help leave whatever you don’t spend during your lifetime to your family, loved ones or favorite causes, rather than leaving a big fat I.O.U. to the I.R.S.?

Considering these items will help you get better organized, chart your journey and confidently set sail into retirement with confidence.