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“Each day brings new opportunities to help improve the lives of our clients and what matters most to them.”

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Anthony Fratello

Financial Life Advisor
CA Insurance License #OE57996

310-643-7472 Anthony@CRAdvisors.com

Over the past 20 years, Anthony has been assisting individuals and couples in planning for retirement. He has also supported many clients throughout the course of their retirement. Anthony applies the firm’s values of integrity, respect, and advocacy in helping his clients plan for and live their best retirement.

Anthony resides in West Hills, California with his wife of 33 years, three children and two dogs. As a family, they enjoy traveling, indoor rock climbing, and experiencing different cuisines. They are very active within their religious community. Anthony has been teaching “Learn to Read the Bible Effectively” seminars free to the public for the past 20 years. 

At California Retirement Advisors, they feel that a holistic, all-encompassing approach to retirement involves goals, aspirations, health, and wellness, in addition to estate, tax, and investment planning. Not only is this the best practice, but it is in the best interest of everyone involved.

Choosing California Retirement Advisors means you can benefit from a collaborative team of advisors, ranging in expertise from fully licensed securities advisors, to certified financial planners. The solutions and recommendations come from their pooled experience, which has served their clients year after year.

If you are nearing retirement or already retired and seeking assistance with planning and navigating, please do not hesitate to reach out to Anthony. He looks forward to sharing his expertise, tools, and resources in assisting you with planning your retirement.

Who Anthony Serves

Anthony's ideal clients are individuals and couples already retired or on the verge of retirement, who are seeking guidance to position their accumulated wealth to support them for the rest of their lives. His objective is to simplify the financial planning process. Anthony wants his clients to feel assured that they can achieve their retirement goals with the right guidance and expertise.

As part of a collaborative Team of Advisors and at California Retirement Advisors, Anthony strives to serve a wide range of clients varying from those just beginning their retirement journey to those who are well on their way. Anthony’s clients reside coast to coast and everything in between. 

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Ready to Retire?

Areas of Expertise

Financial Planning

The foundation to a confident and successful retirement begins with a customized financial plan-design based on your unique situation, values, wants, needs, dreams, and resources.

Investment Advice

Because your goals are unique, I believe your investment portfolio should be, too. You and I will engage in a collaborative process that takes the guesswork out of investing.

Tax Reduction

I proactively minimize taxable events before they occur and position your money to be as tax-advantaged as possible based on your unique situation. It’s not about what you make, it’s what you keep.

Retirement Guidance

Start preparing for the best years of your life. If you are too busy and don’t have the time, knowledge, or interest to confidently plan for your own retirement, I will help you do it.

IRA & 401(K) Rollovers

From early, required, in-service and charitable distribution planning, to Roth conversions and legacy planning, to avoid complicated tax traps for your heirs, I will help navigate this complex and constantly evolving landscape with care and precision.

Insurance Management

From long-term care, to annuities, life insurance and more, I can help you understand, plan for and implement appropriate insurance strategies.

Income Distribution & Planning

How you take your money out matters! I will help you design an income plan that mitigates tax risks, provides flexibility, and maximizes your net income.

Inheritance & Estate Planning

From maintaining current designated beneficiary forms and titling on your accounts, to organizing essential financial and legal documents, to working with estate planning attorneys to implement legal work to ensure your wishes are seamlessly carried out—I aim to address all these considerations as part of a comprehensive approach.

My Team

L to R - Michelle Gosner, Nguyen Le, Sherri Delaine, Ricky Ackerman, Arcadia Berjonneau, Chris Cordoba, Maili Bergman
Noah Fratello & Anthony Fratello

Next Steps

Once we agree to meet, here is what is next on the journey.

We'll create your asset map from a discovery questionnaire

This will allow us to have a productive conversation and you'll receive a visual summary we can build on together. 

Meet With Me

Share your story and your financial goals. I will ask and answer questions to learn how I can best help you achieve your goals.

Are We a Good Fit?

This is a no-pressure relationship! We each consider if I am a good fit to realistically help you meet your financial goals. If so, we can discus how to begin working together.

Review Service Offerings

You'll learn our planning philosophy, process, service options and costs.  

Engage on Your Terms

You'll receive our financial planning agreement based upon the service you select to begin.

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