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“I love traveling, and so do my boys. I’ve been to 55 countries,” she says. “… I want to make it to 100.”

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Arcadia Berjonneau Keane

Financial Life Advisor    |    AIF®, RFC®
CA Insurance License #0J2057

(310) 643-7472 arcadia@cradvisors.com

Arcadia Keane is dedicated to helping people prepare for retirement. As a fully licensed financial advisor, she follows CRA’s holistic planning methodology and has extensive experience in financial management, retirement strategies, portfolio management, and private wealth management.

Before becoming an advisor Arcadia had a life filled with tragedy, amazing experiences and adventures. She lived in Africa, Belarus and France as a child and then moved to the United States with her parents to start a new life. Unfortunately, she then lost her father to cancer and then lost her mom to a car accident, which made her live on her own at the age of 16. She learned to take care of herself from a young age and figured out how to work and be independent. She ultimately graduated from UCLA after all the various jobs and experiences she had leading to that accomplishment. She has traveled the World as a Professional Beach Volleyball player for both the AVP and the FIVB tour on the French National Team, working in the fashion business and as a Documentary Film Producer and international film sales. She ultimately transitioned to financial life management at CRA, from which she draws upon her various life experiences and financial knowledge to help her clients speaking their choice of three languages. She humbly describes her professional career as her passion job.

Despite her professional accomplishments, Arcadia’s greatest joy is her two sons, Christian and Cooper. Christian suffers from autism and epilepsy and has been through multiple brain surgeries. Still, they travel the Globe together seeking fun and adventure, and enjoying one of her family’s favorite pastimes—swimming with sharks.

“My mission is to help empower people to envision and strategize their own personalized financial plan, in order for them to feel comfortable and secure in their financial decisions before and after retirement.”

Who I serve

Arcadia works closely with successful couples and individuals, helping them achieve financial literacy and discover the strategies and solutions that will help them prepare for a successful retirement.

Who can I benefit most?

“I have a passion for helping clients recognize the unique financial opportunities available to the families of individuals and those with special needs. As a mother of a child with epilepsy and learning disabilities, my growth as a Financial Life Advisor has come hand in hand with my growth as a parent navigating the unique financial landscape of a special needs home. My dream is for these clients to feel just as secure in their financial future, as I do in my own.”

My clients

Arcadia believes in providing a personal touch and enjoys really getting to know her clients, like Susan Mackenzie:

“My husband passed away in 2018 and because of the work that Arcadia did with us, I felt protected financially. I did not feel alone in this scary new world, and I deeply appreciated the support that she provided. She understands and keeps track of all my financial information and patiently keeps me informed. She meets with me regularly to review my financial situation.”

Arcadia finds her work full-filling and rewarding, “I find serving clients like Susan truly moving and makes me feel great. My dream is to make every client feel that way—it’s why I do what I do.”  Arcadia

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Areas of Expertise

Financial Planning

The foundation to a confident and successful retirement begins with a customized financial plan-design based on your unique situation, values, wants, needs, dreams, and resources.

Investment Advice

Because your goals are unique, I believe your investment portfolio should be, too. You and I will engage in a collaborative process that takes the guesswork out of investing.

Tax Reduction

I proactively minimize taxable events before they occur and position your money to be as tax-advantaged as possible based on your unique situation. It’s not about what you make, it’s what you keep.

Retirement Guidance

Start preparing for the best years of your life. If you are too busy and don’t have the time, knowledge, or interest to confidently plan for your own retirement, I will help you do it.

IRA & 401(K) Rollovers

From early, required, in-service and charitable distribution planning, to Roth conversions and legacy planning, to avoid complicated tax traps for your heirs, I will help navigate this complex and constantly evolving landscape with care and precision.

Insurance Management

From long-term care, to annuities, life insurance and more, I can help you understand, plan for and implement appropriate insurance strategies.

Income Distribution & Planning

How you take your money out matters! I will help you design an income plan that mitigates tax risks, provides flexibility, and maximizes your net income.

Inheritance & Estate Planning

From maintaining current designated beneficiary forms and titling on your accounts, to organizing essential financial and legal documents, to working with estate planning attorneys to implement legal work to ensure your wishes are seamlessly carried out—I aim to address all these considerations as part of a comprehensive approach.


Clients providing testimonials or endorsement on this webpage are neither remunerated in cash nor compensated with non-cash benefits for their testimonial or endorsements.

Arcadia is reassuring and thorough.  She has distributed my investments in such a way that I have potential for both growth and security, and as a result, I feel reassured that I will have enough money to live comfortably to an old, old age.  I trust Arcadia and know that she has my best interest at heart.

- Susan McKenzie

Arcadia takes it up a step in making sure I do things that help my family and countless other things that none of the other companies even came close to doing.  My life seems to have improved because of both the increase in the value of my portfolio and in feeling assured that my family and relatives will be taken care of as needed after I pass on...either up or down.

- Al Dickenson

My Team

L to R - Michelle Gosner, Nguyen Le, Sherri Delaine, Ricky Ackerman Noah Fratello, Chris Cordoba, Anthony Fratello,
Arcadia Berjonneau & Maili Bergman


Arcadia is proud to volunteer

Next Steps

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Share your story and your financial goals. I will ask and answer questions to learn how I can best help you achieve your goals.

Are We a Good Fit?

This is a no-pressure relationship! We each consider if I am a good fit to realistically help you meet your financial goals. If so, we can discus how to begin working together.

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You'll learn our planning philosophy, process, service options and costs. 

Engage on Your Terms

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